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Why You Should Include Death Records
In Your Genealogy Search...

When searching for information on your ancestors and family tree, do not skip past the death record.

Many times we know where and when our ancestor died, and don't bother to attempt to find the death certificate. But be aware, death records can tell us much more about our ancestor than when she/he died!

If you are concerned about costs (aren't we all!), there are a number of free death records available. Some web sites are listed here and free death databases are added as they become available.

Death records can include lots of information on the deceased, including the names of parents, siblings, children and spouse. They can also include information on when and where they were born and/or married; occupation of the deceased; military service; and the cause of death.

Date & Place of Birth or Marriage

Does the death certificate, obituary or other death record give a date and place of birth? The information found in these records can often provide the clue you need to locate a birth record or marriage record.

Names of Family Members

Death records are also a good source for names of parents, spouse, children and next of kin. The death certificate will usually list at least the next of kin, while an obituary notice may list numerous family members - both living and deceased.

Occupation of the Deceased

What did your ancestor do for a living? While perhaps not directly contributing to your search, this can be very interesting information and you should file it away for future reference.

Military Service

Obituaries and tombstones are a good place to look if you suspect that your ancestor may have served in the military.

Your Family Name

Your Family Name can be your link to generations of family history. Where did your family name originate? What does it mean? When did people with your family name first arrive in America?

To get the history of your Family Name click here for more information Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates!

Click here to get US Death Records

Some free death record information...

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